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Security Guards Patrolling is critical for protecting property as it acts like a major deterrent to potential law breakers. It helps in quick identification and response to threats. Companies need to ensure Security Guards are equipped with the right technology tools for real-time safety tracking.
Challenges of Security Managers
  • Inattentive Guards Risk Safety of Premises
  • Identify Nearest Responder in case of Intrusion
  • Inspections logged on Paper are prone to Errors, Omissions
  • Client Penalties on Skipping Visit to Patrol Points

Why Security Patrolling Companies Love Effy ?

EFFY has features that guarantee improved efficiency
and more safety per site!

Attendance with Selfie Face Detection

Get authentic count of the number of guards present on site at any point of time and validate appearance, uniform at the start of every shift using live selfie photos
Attendance with Selfie Face Detection
Real-Time Patrol Tracking

Real-Time Patrol Tracking

Track current position of guards on Google Map using GPS or on Floor Map using WiFi / Beacons without the need to touch expensive tags or scan QR Codes that can be faked

Geo-Tagging Checkpoints and Route Geo - Fencing

Add unlimited invisible patrol checkpoints using GPS / WiFi without incurring any extra cost or draw linear geo-fence boundary along oil / gas pipelines, rail tracks to detect deviation
Geo-Tagging Checkpoints and Route Geo - Fencing
Patrolling Round Scheduling and Idling Alerts

Patrolling Round Scheduling and Idling Alerts

Create dynamic patrol tasks that have an element of surprise with prompt notification in case of breach of schedule and also receive alerts if the target area is unmanned

Digital Checklists and SOS Triggers

A Configure inspection questionnaire that can change as per asset / area being checked and raises instant alarm in case of any discrepancy observed with visual evidence
Digital Checklists and SOS Triggers
Command and Control Portal for Security Managers

Command and Control Portal for Security Managers

Audit patrol quality, schedule adherence of multiple properties on centralized dashboard assignment and easily locate the guards nearest to the incident location in case of emergency

Key Benefits

By investing less than 1% of security guard salary, EFFY guarantees visible improvement in utilization, efficiency and productivity of your field physical security workforce.
Find answers to WHO – WHERE – WHEN – WHAT – WHY – WHOM easily with EFFY.

Ensures Alertness of Guards

App checks alertness of guards deployed in factories, housing societies, corporate parks, even at odd hours of the night

Proactive Monitoring Reduces Incidents

Visibility of guards patrolling the property instils a sense of confidence and peace in the minds of property occupants

Quickly Adapts to Changing Threat Perception

Touch screen phone with interactive app opens up the possibility of altering schedule, checklists as per business requirements

Boost Safety and Customer Satisfaction

Patrol logged on paper is not verifiable and clients love single window showing scheduled / completed / expired patrols
#1 Security Guard Patrol Tracking App You Will Subscribe

Your Vigilant Guards and Security Managers will love it !

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