Components & Integration

Our aspiration is to offer an experience that facilities:

o Credible information access

o Better decision making

o Localized field support

o Dependable system uptime

o Integration with existing systems


TechnoPurple leverages only the most high-calibre technology components
for building EFFY and VFFY Tracking.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Secure, scalable, flexible, inexpensive cloud computing service with 99% uptime guarantee and automatic backup and DR sites

Google Maps

Global mapping provider offering satellite view, road view, traffic view and address lookup with ETA for destination in over 200 countries

Open Street Map

Community driven open-source mapping provider offering road view and area view at cost effective rates


Cross-platform messaging solution that enables sending of notifications to Android and iOS apps reliably and instantly at no extra cost

Samsung Knox Lock

Knox is defence-grade MDM platform for restricting change of key phone settings and use of unproductive apps on Samsung phones


Multi-language Message automation platform for reliable delivery of SMS alerts triggered by the system to report critical events, violation alerts, OTP

BLE Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are wireless, battery operated units installed for granular indoor positioning and task execution proof

Secure Distribution

TechnoPurple EFFY and VFFY Apps are listed in the Android App Store and Apple App Store for fast, secure app rollouts and updates

Committed Support

TechnoPurple is renowned for its global, round the clock support to field app users through email, phone and live WhatsApp chats

API Integration

Interchange stations help people travelling in different metro trains to change trains and reach their destination. Similarly, APIs facilitate connectivity between different cloud applications a company uses. Quality cloud applications generally do only one thing very efficiently. API integrations enrich the entire business ecosystems by linking output of one system to the input of another system. TechnoPurple is considered the best in field workforce automation, work reporting digitization. We embrace integration with open arms to bring location awareness to other cold applications.


Human Resource Management Systems
Push attendance data with location, time, facial recognition, conveyance for payroll processing


Enterprise Resource Planning
Pull consignor / consignee details for trip creation from SAP and push real-time location with an ETA


Customer Relation Management
To pull leads logged with account details and push minutes of meeting location and time proof


Accounting Applications
Pull account receivable details and push details about new orders / payment receipts from retailers


Inventory Management System
Pull to open stock details at different warehouses and push closing stock available to distributors


Computer Aided Facility Management
Pull work orders with asset details and push status updates with photos of completed services


Hospital Management Systems
Pull porter request for patient transfer and push status of completed requests with all timestamps


Building Management System
Pull alerts triggered by IOT sensors and push reactive tasks to technician for a check-up and rectification


Security Command and Control Centre
Pull perimeter breach alerts captured by intrusion detection systems and push to the nearest guard for mitigation