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Advertising and Brand Activation Campaigns are key to shaping consumer perception AND nurture brand loyalty. Its effect is felt far and wide when conducted as pop-up events near consumer locations. Companies need to ensure field activation team is equipped with the right technology tools for real-time engagement tracking.
Challenges of Brand Managers
  • Fake Branding Claims and Merchandise Loss
  • No Data on Consumer Interest and Reaction
  • Geographical Spread of Campaign Unknown
  • Paper Surveys are Difficult to Consolidate and Verify

Why Advertising Companies and Brands Love Effy ?

EFFY has features that guarantee improved efficiency
and more brand penetration per day!

Attendance on Field Promoters

Ensure attendance is marked only from geo fenced locations designated for brand activation. Additionally selfie photo of promoter and kiosk shows brand appearance compliance
Attendance on Field Promoters
Real-Time Visibility of Campaign Teams

Real-Time Visibility of Campaign Teams

Track using GPS live location, daily distance travelled by branded campaign vehicles fitted with LED TVs / Speakers and suited for conducting political rallies or new product launch

Geo-Tagging Branding Sites

Capture geographical spread of branding by geo fencing sites like hoardings and get daily proof of branding presence in the form of photo watermarked with the date, time and location
Geo-Tagging Branding Sites
Dynamic Mobile Forms with Engagement Evidence

Dynamic Mobile Forms with Engagement Evidence

Create survey a form that capture proof of promotion location with OTP verification and for moving campaign vehicles capture the number of people with multi-angle photo and video proof

Rating Services to Measure Return on Investment

Establish rating parameters that segregate rallies based on the number of people participating in branding activity, quality of engagement, audio – video content playback
Rating Services to Measure Return on Investment
Campaign Tracking BI Dashboard with Reports

Campaign Tracking BI Dashboard with Reports

Optimize spread and utility of campaign teams by viewing real-time data on operational / non-operational vehicles, average campaigns done per day and merchandise distributed

Key Benefits

By investing less than 1% of branding and activation cost, EFFY guarantees an increase in utilization, efficiency and productivity of your campaigning activities.
Find answers to WHO – WHERE – WHEN – WHAT – WHY – WHOM easily with EFFY.

Improved Accountability of Vendors

Activity completion is accepted only when live geotagged photo – video is submitted from the target outlet or hoarding locations

Optimize Payment based on Work Quality

Deduct payments for any poor branding execution or fake activity reporting highlighted after rating checks

Verify Rollout of Altered Creatives

Easily authenticate whether print creatives or video have been changed on ground as required in many long duration campaigns

Organised Campaign Management

Avoid WhatsApp based campaign reporting as it is prone to delays, errors, omission and fabricated reporting
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Your Field Activation Teams and Brand Managers will love it !

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