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Hospitals are complex workplaces having a heavy movement of doctors, nurses, patients and porters across the building. There is a need for efficient floor wise task management or isolate areas / staff in case of infectious pandemics. Hospitals need to ensure healthcare workers are equipped with the right technology tools for real-time compliance tracking.
Challenges of Hospital Management
  • Face Patient Anger for Delayed Request Fulfilment
  • Track Upkeep of Critical Equipment and Areas
  • Enforce Social Distancing norms for preventing Infection
  • Track Areas and Contacts for Isolation in case of Infection

Why Hospitals Love Effy ?

EFFY has features that guarantee improved efficiency
and more diligence per employee!

Contactless Facial Recognition Attendance

Reduce touch points like biometric machines to curtail spread of infections and capture attendance of staff with floor level authentication and face detection
Contactless Facial Recognition Attendance
Live Indoor Tracking with Existing WiFi Access Points

Live Indoor Tracking with Existing WiFi Access Points

Make optimum use of existing WiFi infrastructure by plotting access point locations on the floor plan and get real-time updates on the number of people in each section of the building

Track Completion of Facility, Security Patrol Jobs

Install BLE Bluetooth Beacons in areas where WiFi is absent so that task on app opens only when a person visits a location for critical equipment checks or cleanliness monitoring
Track Completion of Facility, Security Patrol Jobs
Intelligent Patient Transfer Request Handling

Intelligent Patient Transfer Request Handling

Improve patient delight by eliminating delays in getting porter for transfer request raised by a nurse through automatic job assignment to free porter available on nearest floor

Digital Contact Tracing and Alerting in Pandemic Situations

Send automatic app notification to staff in case of close proximity for more than permissible time and implement proactive systems to reduce the possibility of infection spread
Digital Contact Tracing and Alerting in Pandemic Situations
Risk Reduction and Mitigation Dashboard

Risk Reduction and Mitigation Dashboard

Monitor task compliance, crowding alerts and proximity violations on a single dashboard and download historic movement and contact data for isolation services

Key Benefits

By investing less than 1% of healthcare workforce salary, EFFY guarantees quick improvement in utilization, efficiency and productivity of your hospital staff.
Find answers to WHO – WHERE – WHEN – WHAT – WHY – WHOM easily with EFFY.

Faster Execution of Patient Requests

Patient transfer, bed make-up, pharmacy supplies, toilet cleaning requests can be digitally assigned and completed swiftly

Reliable Proof of Equipment / Area Checks

Schedule checks of back-up generators, fuel reserves, medical gases, water supply, fire systems, key medical equipment

Limit Infection by Effective Contact Tracking

Paper based contact tracing is tedious and prone the errors, hence effective digital contact tracking is need of the hour

Avoid Lockdown of Entire Premise

Closure for a few days for sanitization can lead huge losses, hence it is important to use technology to identify areas to be isolated
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